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Toy for generations

1899: Matador invented by the engineer, Johann Korbuly
1901: Matador patented by Johann Korbuly
1903: The first Matador series is built in a small workshop in the 4th district of Vienna
1915: Matador built in Pfaffstätten, Austria
1945: Matador factory burns down shortly after World War 2
1945-1946: Factory rebuilt
1950: Matador Ki series launched (for 2-5 year-olds)
1978: Matador sold to Kurt Falk
1979: Mr Falk creates a new concept: more plastic parts used, object building sets instead of construction set systems etc.
1987: Warehouse stock sold and production ceased
1987-1997: No market presence
1996: Graduate engineer Michael Tobias buys the Matador brand
1996: Redevelopment oft he succsessful construction set system
1996: Sales based in Altlengbach, Austria
1997: Production starts in Czech Republic
1997: Michael Tobias purchases Matador machines
1997: Production relocated to Austria (Waidhofen/Thaya)
from 1998: 97% produced in Austria
2007: Company headquarters moves to St. Pölten, Austria
2016: Company headquarters moves to Weyersdorf, Austria
2017: Modernization of the Matador machines
2018: Relaunch from the new Corporate Identity "build your world"
2019: Company headquarters moves to Markersdorf, Austria