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Philosophy "build your world"

Build your world is not just our motto but also our company philosophy.
We live ‘build your world’ starting with our products’ possibilities and ranging from the production of our construction sets, to promoting essential skills up to conveying values and environmental awareness.

understand the world

The time-proven, unique Matador systems enable limitless building fun for children from the age of one year up until old age. Each Matador construction set offers the possibility to simply start building creatively, to play and dive into phantasy worlds, building an own world as our motto reads.

sustainable production

With our sustainable production in Austria, we produce using resources efficiently in Austria. We do not employ any materials that are damaging to either health or the environment and we heat our factory with the wood waste from our own production. What is more, family-friendly work and holiday schedules are important to us throughout the entire company. We pursue sustainability both ideologically and economically, thereby contributing to building a better world.

promotes creativity

Among other things, Matador promotes creativity, the ability to imagine things in three dimensions, solution-oriented thinking and motor skills…all essential skills to one day take action oneself and to build the world the way one imagines it to be.

careful treatment of the environment

As a part of this world and as a childhood companion we see it as our duty to take our social and environmental responsibility seriously. Treating our environment with care, an awareness of one’s own responsibility and our role as a role-model in society are particularly important to us. Whenever and wherever it is possible for us, we support charitable projects thus also supporting disadvantaged children in building their own world.